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ONE Virtual Event - "No Nonprofit Left Behind": How & Why to Claim COVID Relief Funding

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ONE |  Alliance |  Executive |  Development & Grantwriting |  HR, Finance & Operations
Natasha Lopez-Rodriguez |  Jennifer Purcell |  Liz Pierson
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1 hr
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Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits | Arizona Grantmakers Forum



Join fellow C-suite nonprofit executives for this exclusive discussion.


There is no doubt that nonprofits would like to put all things COVID-related in the rear-view mirror. However, would you be willing to explore how to recoup funds owed to your nonprofit from taxes paid during the COVID pandemic? While there is no doubt most nonprofits have been inundated with emails and phone calls regarding the Employee Retention Tax Credit, we invite you to learn the real reasons why this program is being so heavily promoted. We will share realistic expectations of funding, timeframes to receive these funds, how to select a reputable consultant, and much more. Most importantly, all nonprofits should know if they do OR do not qualify for these funds in order to make an educated decision as to whether or not to pursue the program. Please join us to learn more and have all your questions answered in this educational format.  

 Attendees will learn about:

  • Dispelling common misconceptions about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), such as: we have been told we do not qualify, we already took PPP loans, we had an increase in revenue- Should I take a second look?

  • Walking nonprofits through the simple process of applying for the program and clarify what the time investment is?

  • Helping nonprofits make an educated decision on how to select a qualified ERC consultant.


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If you cannot attend this event live, you can still register to receive the video replay afterwards. This event will have automated captions via Zoom’s transcription function. Please note that these captions are generated by Zoom's computer software and may not always accurately transcribe what is said. If you have another accessibility accommodation need, please indicate your need on the registration form with your request at least two weeks prior to the start of the event. Although we will attempt to meet all accessibility requests, late request may not be fulfilled.


This event is only open to ONE Members - If you would like information about joining, contact us!

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Natasha Lopez-Rodriguez's Profile

Natasha Lopez-Rodriguez Related seminars and products

Director of Capacity Building & Education

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Jennifer Purcell's Profile

Jennifer Purcell Related seminars and products

Chief Impact Officer

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Liz Pierson's Profile

Liz Pierson Related seminars and products

Executive Director

Economic Incentives Advisory Group

Liz Pierson is an Associate Director with Economic Incentives Advisory Group (EIAG). Her firm helps employers obtain government funds - such as cash grants, tax credits and other financial programs available to businesses and nonprofits.


Her clients have received government funds ranging from $250,000 and up to $8 million. She is responsible for educating the business community and nonprofit organizations about the government funding available from various agencies. She also manages partner programs which expands her network to clients nationwide and in a variey of industries.


In addition to her role as an “educator” and advocate to introduce businesses and nonprofits to available government funding, she is a speaker at various professional associations. Her presentations focus on the availability of funding and the steps required to apply and secure these lucrative benefits.


Liz has also been an active member in the Arizona community serving on several nonprofit boards. She also has a background in the hospitality industry consulting with some of the state’s largest hotels organizing corporate events for the pharma, technology and services industries.



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